An Alternative Coin, Cryptocurrency, Payment Currency and Investment instrument.


MasterStake is a Proof of Stake and Masternode coin. It's a fork of PIVX 3.0 and PIVX 4.0 has its own blockchain. Services offered by MasterStake is coin creation based on existing blockchain technologies but with custom collateral and reward strcture, installation of Block Explorer using open source Iquidus and Eiquidus Explorer, website design and compiling wallet.

Purpose and Features

MasterStake - An Alternative solution for traditional financial problem

We believe one can reach financial freedom through Cryptocurrency. Either as a project owner or as an investors. Cryptocurrency is a borderless financial tool that can solve the limitation of fiats money in doing transaction across the world and to solve the government unjustice economic system. MasterStake is an alternative Cryptocurrency to achieve that.


People Oriented

The tokenomic system of MasterStake is made to provide income from any level of investors through PoS and Masternode.


Real Usecase

MasterStake is an alternative money. You can trade, keep, spend, transfer and pay for goods and services through multiple channel.


For Businesses

We do business in Cryptocurrency world, with the existence of MasterStake we draw as much as possible every transaction in using MasterStake.

Know The Person

The Team consists only by one person right now


Project Owner & Developer